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Corporación Dos Círculos

It is an international corporation, which is part of a major Asian / Venezuelan plastic holder factories in Asia, responsible for manufacturing various products consortium.


Dos Círculos , backed by the consortium mentioned, was created in January 2011 and stems from the need to incorporate innovative products and services to facilitate and improve the quality of life of users.


With the acquisition of products Corporación Dos Círculos offers customers optimize the relationship with users and consumers and generating efficient results in the segments covered.


Besides our human capital, highly qualified , constantly working on programs to improve our line of business, products , services and the environment , thus contributing to the global village and the planet.


The mission of Corporación Dos Círculos is to improve the user quality life by providing innovative products and services in the segment of hygiene, cleaning and personal care, in turn providing differentiation and innovation in our customers facilities.

To build together with our employees, suppliers, shareholders and contributors, a link based on knowledge and experience, that allow the development of a strong business relationship with our customers and consumers, having as progress and value creation in line with society and the environment.



Expand our business in North, Central and South America, becoming the leading innovative products and services in the segment of hygiene, cleaning and personal care.



The philosophy of Dos Círculos is based on innovation, creativity and strategic thought, guided by passion in what we do and live day by day, we are committed with our business but also with the society and the environment.


  1. Be honest in every one of our actions.
  2. Let us honor our company, staff, customers and society.
  3. Feeling proud of what we do and sell.
  4. Have fun every minute of work.
  5. Always creating for progress.
  6. 99 % perspiration 1% inspiration = working harder… Even more than our neighbour.
  7. Commitment to our team, customers, society and the environment.
  8. Global thinking = borderless
  9. Planific_acción = to plan + to execute.
  10. Efficiency and practicality in our actions.
  11. One mouth two ears = listen more talk less.