Civilized solutions

A plastic device that fits into the bottom of the tube pastes, creams and gels, which allows dispensing cream usefully organized and that is inside the container.

Can be used for all kinds of creams (dental, dermatological, analgesic, etc.).

Certain restrictions apply for the size.


·         Innovative design and cutting edge.

·         Practical and versatile, which can be used in most cream tubes.

·         Small and lightweight.

·         Easy to use.

·         Attractive packaging.

·         Long life.

·         Efficient.

      ·         Studies Comments:

           Finally let to improvise with my toothpaste!


 Look our different presentations :


Presentations: rendicream

rendicream serious

Ref: T-2117

(Two units - 2PACK)

rendicream serious

Has two presentations in one package: crescent-shaped and lip, ideal for the whole family.

rendicream comics

Ref: T-2115

(A UNIT - 1pack)

rendicream Comics has four fun designs for all ages: A cat, a pig, a cow and a frog.

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