Civilized solutions

Questions and answers    

1) What products do we offer?

The products are quite innovative, a squeezer  for  cream, toothpaste and gel in different presentations.


2) What is a squeezer rendicream?

Is a plastic device that fits into the bottom of the tube pastes, creams and gels, which allows dispensing cream usefully organized and that is inside the container.

Can be used for all kinds of creams (dental, dermatological, analgesic, etc.).

Certain restrictions apply for the size.


3) How big is the rendicream ?
         Device approximately 10 cm wide and 5 cm high.


4) Is designed for men, women and children?

Yes, the device can be used by men, women and children.


5) What are the presentations?

·         Pack of 1 rendicream. Called rendicream comics.

·         Package of 2 rendicream. Called rendicream serious.


6) Why use a rendicream of creams, toothpaste and gel? What are the advantages of the product?


  •     Innovative design and cutting edge.
  •     Practical and versatile, which can be used in most cream tubes.
  •     Small and lightweight.
  •     Easy to use.
  •     Attractive packaging.
  •     Long life.
  •     Efficient.


7) Is a Venezuelan product? 

The company is located in Venezuela, but in an effort to offer innovative products, saw fit to have within its offer a squeezer creams, toothpaste and gel, which has the support of our partners in China and the United States.

 8) Meets wiht the permits necessary for marketing? 

Of course, Corporación Dos Circulos before marketing any product performs,    makes a previous study about  what are the permision required and what standards must meet; in this case, the squeezer  cream / toothpaste has every one of them.


9) How to use rendicream for creams, toothpaste and gel:

The product comes with an instructional guide on the back of the packaging, suggestions and precautions, friendly and convenient for the consumer.



  • Insert the device into the bottom of the paste, cream or gel.
  • Use the paste, cream or gel normally, and to the extent that the pulp will depleted, start with the rendicream push upwards.
  • This allows you to keep tidy the tube pasta, cream or gel, and optimize your content.


Suggestions, ideas and comments:

  •     Do not swallow.
  •     Children should use under the supervision of their representatives.
  •     Only to be used as pastes and creams squeezer.

1) What products do we offer?

The products are quite innovative, a disposable urinal, in different presentations.


2) What is a disposable urinal?

It is a plastic bag that allows users (men, women and children) to urinate wherever and whenever. This bag contains a powder upon contact with urine becomes gel, preventing fluid spillage and peel odor.

The disposable urinal could be used to fill its maximum capacity. It has approximately estimated 3 applications.


3) How big is the disposable urinal?
        The disposable urinal weighs only 40 grams. It measures 10 x 6 x 5 cm. When          rolled up to fit in a pocket, purse or glove compartment.



4) How long does the disposable urinal  to absorb the urine?
         Depending on the amount of urine, it takes between 5-10 seconds.


 5) When and where I can use the disposable urinal travel John?

It is never pleasant to be in the street, or in a vehicle and need a bath. Therefore we provide you an urinary bags called travel John. Men, women and children can use travel John when no proper bathroom available.



6) Is designed for men, women and children?

The collar or plastic mouth is designed to accommodate both genders and all sizes. The way the collar fits perfectly in the body and allows use without spillage. The collar is rigid to allow the disposable urinal  hold securely during use, especially when placed heavy. It is natural that some women need more than one application to correctly handle the portable urinal and get used to it.



7) What are the presentations?


  • 1 pack jr.
  • 3 pack jr.
  • 3 pack
  • 5 pack
  • Pocket tissue



8) Why use a disposable urinal and benefits of the product?

Mostly women worry and take care for their personal hygiene in the intimate parts, in many occasions refrain from using a public restroom to urinate, this is where the disposable urinal Travel John is useful because it is a personal care product, which allows the physiological urge to urinate in a safe, quick, easy and clean way .


Note 1: the disposable urinal can also be used to vomit.

Note 2: can even happen that the woman go to the public bathroom but in the disposable urinal urinate.


Traffic: men and women desperate to be stuck in a traffic jam have no access to a public bath. They may only carry the disposable urinal in your purse, glove compartment, etc. meet the need to urinate in a civilized manner (without urinating in the street), safe, fast (not stifle her desire) and easy.

Trips, camps, open field exercises: ideal to be carry as part of the baggage for such trips and adventures that usually travel to places where health facilities are scarce or nonexistent.


Community and water shortage / public toilets: this civilized product prevent many people from urinating in general public places, which damages the environment, bad educates children and helps maintain the structure and cleaning of streets and public places.


It is also useful when rationing and water shortages, thus contributing to saving this vital liquid and also to the environment.


Other advantages:

  • Ecological.
  • Travel Jhon is a unisex urinal, specially designed for any situation where there is no toilet available.
  • For men, women and children.
  • Innovative and practical.
  • It does not smell or drip, can be used repeatedly, up to 600 or 800 ml. (depending on the display).

9) Why do not pee on the grass? 

We can look to pee in the grass is not all bad. But it has negative aspects:

  •     Children who see you may think that is the right attitude and repeat, even in other places.
  •     You can have problems with authority.
  •     You can have problems, if on private property with the owner.
  •     You can be attacked by insects or animals, including his private parts.



10) Is the product in Latin America ?

 Corporación Dos Círculos in an effort to offer innovative products proposed this solution to the Latin American market with our brand Travel John internationally developed by our technical team (Engineering USA) and manufactured in our factory in Asia .



11) It has the necessary permits to sell? 

Of course, Corporación Dos Circulos before selling any product, makes a previous study about  what are the permision required and what standards must meet; in this case, the portable urinal has every one of them or the international conditions to get it.



12) How to use a urinal: 

The product comes with instructional label use, suggestions and precautions friendly and convenient for the consumer.



Suggestions, ideas and comments:

  • Do not swallow the granules or gel.
  • Children should use under the supervision of their representatives.
  • Do not throw the product into the toilet.
  • In case of contact with mucous body flush with water.
  • If swallowed drink plenty of water and seek medical advice.