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Our brand John Travel offers a wide range of products that allows users (men, women and children) to urinate anytime, anywhere,  among other intimate and personal needs; avoiding dirty walls, public places, among others; as it helps your health, preventing diseases caused by enduring intimate urination, civilized solutions, always taking a urinal at hand.


It is a plastic bag that allows users (men, women and children) to urinate anytime, anywhere. This bag contains a powder upon contact with urine becomes gel, preventing fluid spillage and give off odors. The portable urinal could be used to fill capacity, estimated 3 applications.

  • 1 pack jr.
  • 3 pack jr.
  • 3 pack
  • 5 pack


The products of the brand rendicream offer high quality  devices practical for daily use, necessary for personal care.

We currently have a plastic device that fits into the bottom of the tube of cream / toothpaste / gel, which allows dispense its contents in a useful and organized manner. It can be used to squeeze all kinds of creams (dental, dermatological, analgesics, etc.).


Certain restrictions apply for the size.

  • Comics presentation

Jojo, jumpy, baloo, pop, lola y mosh.

  • Serious presentation

The dument brand offers high quality products designed to care for and maintain strong and bright teeth, avoiding bad breath, preventing tooth decay, combating dental plaque, the appearance of unsightly and unhealthy spots and leaving a pleasant sensation of cleanliness and freshness, thus helping to have better oral hygiene.



* Mouthwash: Clean mint.

* Mouthwash: Speartmint.

* Mouthwash: Fresh mint.