Civilized solutions

Our brand John Travel offers a wide range of products that allows users (men, women and children) to urinate anytime, anywhere,  among other intimate and personal needs; avoiding dirty walls, public places, among others; as it helps your health, preventing diseases caused by enduring intimate urination, civilized solutions, always taking a urinal at hand.


It is a plastic bag that allows users (men, women and children) to urinate anytime, anywhere. This bag contains a powder upon contact with urine becomes gel, preventing fluid spillage and give off odors. The portable urinal could be used to fill capacity, estimated 3 applications.

  • 1 pack jr.
  • 3 pack jr.
  • 3 pack
  • 5 pack
  • Pocket wipes


The products of the brand rendicream offer high quality  devices practical for daily use, necessary for personal care.

We currently have a plastic device that fits into the bottom of the tube of cream / toothpaste / gel, which allows dispense its contents in a useful and organized manner. It can be used to squeeze all kinds of creams (dental, dermatological, analgesics, etc.).


Certain restrictions apply for the size.

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