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Corporación Dos Círculos


Is an international corporation, part of a major Asian consortium / Venezuelan  plastic holder factories in Asia, responsible for the manufacture of various products.


Dos Círculos supported by the aforementioned consortium was created in January 2011 and comes from the need to incorporate innovative products and services that facilitate and improve the quality of life of users...Read more...



Interview on "La cola felíz"

On Tuesday June 7th, the Corporación Dos Círculos´s managers were invited to the radio show of the successes station 99.9 FM to the program "La cola feliz" under the guindace and voice of Mariela Celis and Nelson Bocaranda, introducing there our line of portable urinals "Travel John" which offer users (men, women and children) the opportunity to urinate wherever and whenever, among other inimate and personal needs, thus avoiding dirty walls, public places, among others, preventing diseases and saving water consumption.

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